Gestalt o Rama 3.5

Double trouble

Receiving a surrepetitious note tipping them off to a tax shipment, the party eventually met Sasha, the local resistance leader, and confiscated the tax shipment handily, proving their lack of allegiance to the Great Kingdom. Sasha offered them a boon, a chance to absorb the fading life force of some of her fallen companions, and thereby double up on their abilities, if they would obtain the psionic crystals needed for the process. The party obtained the items, handily defeating elite kobold bodyguards and a kobold rogue chieftan, but loosing the irritating and often dead Rhonin in the process. Infused with the other characters, the party is now gestalt.

Pay Up

Finding no work, the party traveled to another town up the coast. There, they found that the local government was in need of adventurers, to collect on an overdue tax bill and mete out justice to a tax evader named Bargle (who had incinerated a tax man in the middle of town). The party traveled to an old deteriorated castle, overrun with kobolds, and began their assault. Fairing well on the first level of the structure (except for an enchanted bed that slept Rhonin the rogue), they descended into the depths of the keep, clearing out creatures and surviving traps until they faced Bargle himself.

Unwilling to face Bargle at his best, the party withdrew and waited out Bargle’s most powerful wizardly effects. Bargle vanished, and the party recovered sufficient loot to meet the town’s due tax bill, but did not deliver on the capital punishment the government had hoped for. Returning to the town council, they party themselves were shaken down for a tax payment. Smelling a rat, the party withdrew sullenly, drawing the attention of the local resistance.

All or nothing

Eventually making their way to the deteriorated castle where Molokai sought the item, the rogue catastrophically missed a backstab of a guard, leading to a full alert of the castle’s squatters. Taking an “all or nothing” approach, the party was virtually wiped out by swarming numbers of fell creatures. As Sighard led the charge to safety, in an almost impossible chance at survival, Jacks turned his back on an ogre barbarian, and ran, drawing an almost sure-to-hit killing blow – however, cementing himself forever as one lucky s.o.b., the barbarian impossibly missed, and Jacks lived.

Returning to town, Jacks and Sighard found Molokai once again hiring for an assault on the keep. Going at it again with a new party, they managed to clear the keep, driving off the powerful Kursk, and even managed to return the fallen characters to life, as Jacks bartered his soul and pledge of fealty to a diety in return for this boon. Molokai eventually found the item he was looking for, and he took his leave of the party, but left them with a magic device he could use to contact them again in the future.

The Start

A faltering economy had left work hard to come by. The party through desperation sought adventuring as a way to make some coin. They each by chance made their way to the east coast of the Great Kingdom, rummored to be raided periodically by the frost barbarians from the north. Surely some work could be had protecting a village or hamlet from these raiders?

There they met a man seeking adventurers to aid him in recovery of a magic item, Molokai. While on their way to the locale of the item, a thunderous storm drove them into an aged cairn as they sought shelter, where they encountered numerous creatures, humanoids and traps. Surviving the weather and the denizens of the cairn, they continued on their way.


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