Gestalt o Rama 3.5

All or nothing

Eventually making their way to the deteriorated castle where Molokai sought the item, the rogue catastrophically missed a backstab of a guard, leading to a full alert of the castle’s squatters. Taking an “all or nothing” approach, the party was virtually wiped out by swarming numbers of fell creatures. As Sighard led the charge to safety, in an almost impossible chance at survival, Jacks turned his back on an ogre barbarian, and ran, drawing an almost sure-to-hit killing blow – however, cementing himself forever as one lucky s.o.b., the barbarian impossibly missed, and Jacks lived.

Returning to town, Jacks and Sighard found Molokai once again hiring for an assault on the keep. Going at it again with a new party, they managed to clear the keep, driving off the powerful Kursk, and even managed to return the fallen characters to life, as Jacks bartered his soul and pledge of fealty to a diety in return for this boon. Molokai eventually found the item he was looking for, and he took his leave of the party, but left them with a magic device he could use to contact them again in the future.



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