Gestalt o Rama 3.5

Double trouble

Receiving a surrepetitious note tipping them off to a tax shipment, the party eventually met Sasha, the local resistance leader, and confiscated the tax shipment handily, proving their lack of allegiance to the Great Kingdom. Sasha offered them a boon, a chance to absorb the fading life force of some of her fallen companions, and thereby double up on their abilities, if they would obtain the psionic crystals needed for the process. The party obtained the items, handily defeating elite kobold bodyguards and a kobold rogue chieftan, but loosing the irritating and often dead Rhonin in the process. Infused with the other characters, the party is now gestalt.


*to the tune of Oh’ Danny Boy

Oh Rhonny boy, the traps, the spells are falling
From room to room, this dungeon we traverse
And when at last, the dangers has gone past us
Of us all, you took it all the worst

You led us in, while hiding ‘hind the meat shield
You took your wounds without calling to be healed
When you attacked the en’mies felt the sharp blows
Oh Rhonny boy, a railroad plot, your woe

You were the butt of all the wicked cruel jokes
You held your head, way up there all the same
And when twas time to rescue all the dumb blokes
You did your best and asked not for the fame

If we can, we’ll raise you back to life soon
But if we can’t, please know that we’re okay
Because as you know, we’ve got this quest to do now
And while one death sucks, 3 more spells T-P-K

Double trouble

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