Gestalt o Rama 3.5

Pay Up

Finding no work, the party traveled to another town up the coast. There, they found that the local government was in need of adventurers, to collect on an overdue tax bill and mete out justice to a tax evader named Bargle (who had incinerated a tax man in the middle of town). The party traveled to an old deteriorated castle, overrun with kobolds, and began their assault. Fairing well on the first level of the structure (except for an enchanted bed that slept Rhonin the rogue), they descended into the depths of the keep, clearing out creatures and surviving traps until they faced Bargle himself.

Unwilling to face Bargle at his best, the party withdrew and waited out Bargle’s most powerful wizardly effects. Bargle vanished, and the party recovered sufficient loot to meet the town’s due tax bill, but did not deliver on the capital punishment the government had hoped for. Returning to the town council, they party themselves were shaken down for a tax payment. Smelling a rat, the party withdrew sullenly, drawing the attention of the local resistance.



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